PyGavel is trainer software for learning parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order. Current development is based primarily on a series of modules intended to help one study for the National Association of Parliamentarians entrance examination.

PyGavel is an Open Source application written in the Python programming language. Python is relatively easy to learn, as computer programming languages go, so PyGavel users will be able to read the PyGavel source code to see how it ticks. The "Open Source" part means that you can find any flaws or potential improvements in the program itself, change it to your heart's content, and even contribute to making PyGavel better than it was before you found it.

PyGavel is free (as in both "free speech" and "no financial cost") software. It can be run on most personal computers you are likely to run across these days. It will work well on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and other types of computing environments.

You can download and discuss PyGavel at Pygavel on Sourceforge. Logo